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Structured personnel development process

inding the right employees with the right qualifications at the right time is profitable both for the employee and for us as a company. To ensure this, we pay great attention to structured personnel development. Some of the cornerstones are:

Onboarding Process

We take a lot of time for your induction. This includes not only an insight into your own department, but also knowledge of the upstream and downstream departments. Introductory events to get to know the entire company group

Annual Appraisals

Twice a year, reviews will be scheduled between employees and their managers. The individual qualification requirements of the employee are also discussed during the process.

Talent Management Process

Once a year, we hold development conferences with managers to discuss the talents in the individual departments and define personnel development plans.

Development Program

For our high-potential employees, we offer an internal development program for technical, management and project management careers. Our participants receive very close support from management and are given the opportunity to promote their professional and personal development. Ludo Fact offers a group internal exchange program with our abroad located subsidiaries – great experience for all our employees to meet your coworkers from abroad!

Support through External Training Programs

We have established guidelines for the support of advanced training measures such as technicians, foremen, master craftsmen, etc. Here we regulate the prerequisites and the extent of possible financial and/or temporal support.