Ludo Fact


Europe’s leading, publisher-independent board game and puzzle manufacturer. 

Ludo Fact USA

Our full manufacturing subsidiary in Lafayette, Indiana. At this plant we also manufacture board games, jigsaw puzzles and a variety of general packaging solutions.


Friedmann Print Data Solutions is a digital printing house in Riederich. They produce brochures, books, calenders and playing cards.

Oriens Karton

Sine 2005 Oriens Karton has been our joint venture partner in Czech Republic. One of our three production facilities is in Mnichovo Hradiště.



Our subsidiary in Ulm produces packaging as well as folding boxes made of laminated corrugated board and solid board. She also produces PoS displays and decorations for a wide variety of industries.

Vento Ludens

Planner, investor and operator of systems in the field of renewable energies, wind, hydro and photovoltaic plants.

Ludo Ligna

Our subsidiary in Transylvania, Harghita County, Romania. This is where the wooden components for the board games we produce for the international market are manufactured.